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Body Positivity and what it can do for your SEX LIFE!

Let’s talk Body Positivity!


All body types should be accepted and appreciated ALL of the time. No ifs or buts. It doesn’t matter what you look like.  What society considers to be beautiful is constantly changing anyway isn’t it, so don’t bother keeping up with that girlfriend! 


Women can sometimes feel the pressure to look a certain way. Ladies, hello the ‘eyebrow’ phase! 🙄Who wants those big fluffy clown eyebrows anyway? 2021 will probably see us all reverting back to ‘barely there’ eyebrows. (Thank god, as that was one band wagon I was happy not to jump on). Trends come and go so keeping up with the latest one can be hard work just to make you feel worthy of respect. 


Body positivity can sometimes be mentioned when we are talking about or reading about the fight against ‘fat-shaming’ but all types of ‘body-shaming’ can be included there as they all can lead to all sorts of mental health problems and worse still - harmful and very unhealthy eating disorders.

Body Positivity is all about being inclusive. Being inclusive of all abilities, races and all genders ALL of the time. So, here is a news flash for you all - ‘There is no right body’. We are all beautiful and body shaming needs to grab a ticket on the next plane out of here. 

Learning to love your body can be hard! But to be able to feel sexy and confident and embrace body positivity so you also feel desirable to others can lead to much greater things, such as - a great sex life!! Yeah Baby!! 

If you are relaxed and feeling confident in your own body you will be participating in sex with your partner like you never participated before. That confidence will be oozing out of your erogenous zones and you will be enjoying the experience so much that it will encourage your partner, bringing along with it - PASSIONATE, RAUNCHY sex. So ladies, your SEX LIFE could quite possibly improve tenfold just by being a little more Body Positive.  

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Your confidence in the bedroom will encourage you and your partner to try new things. If you are not totally happy with your naked body you may not feel as relaxed as you would like to be in the bedroom.  Conditions such as leaving certain clothes on, ensuring the lights are off before you take your clothes off or only being able to have sex in a certain position come into play. 

Worrying about what your partner thinks of you and the way you look is not going to be very relaxing when you are grab some of that special ‘US’ time together.  Did you know that being tense or anxious and full of self doubt during foreplay and sex means that you will be less likely to achieve an orgasm? Now, we certainly don’t want that ladies! LOVE THE SKIN YOU ARE IN. Relax and enjoy the moment.

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If you have spent years struggling with your own self love ( I know I have), becoming more body positive won’t happen overnight but if you are super keen to start showing yourself that you are worth EVERYTHING maybe start with:

  • Stop talking about yourself in a negative light. - Communication is the BOMB! Let your friends/partner know about your negative thoughts surrounding your own self worth and ask them to call you out on any negative talk with positive words. The more people you can have in your corner the better support network you will have.
  • Pamper yourself. Masturbating is a great way to relax. You are in control and the only thing on your mind is your own self pleasure. A great sex toy can help and provides a body positive activity for you to enjoy! A vibrator is incredibly popular among women as as a first time sex toy.
  • Get dressed up. Leave the house with your favourite new outfit on, your favourite makeup the way YOU Like to wear it, not the way society wants you to wear it because it is the new latest new fashion trend in Cosmo. OR, grab that sexy piece of lingerie and hang on the couch at home - leave the beige granny pants in the drawer and bring out your sensual side with that sexy, lacy piece and watch your confidence grow.
  • Don’t forget - you are the BOSS. You are in charge of your own social media and who you follow. Cut out anything that you read that makes you feel that you are not worthy or not enough! Unsubscribe - unfollow my friend!! - But PLEASE make sure you follow us! (of course)
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Body Positivity may not be easy to achieve but you are in charge of you, and working to change the way that you see yourself will benefit your life in soooooo many ways! You should never lose your confidence or ever feel not worthy of love from your peers.

A great organisation to follow on your Body Positive journey is

We would love to hear about your Body positivity challenges if you are willing to share. Here at Purely Femme we encourage women to explore, discover and nurture your sexual wellbeing. We encourage all forms of Body Positivity and believe that all women have the right to feel confident, sexy and comfortable with our bodies.

Sending much love and good vibes to all you beautiful and sexy ladies. 💕

The Purely Femme Team x


📷 credits to Andrea Poacquadio and Robert Hund from Pexels