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The day of Love 💗. V-Day! Gift guide included!

  • Miranda Hobbs:

  Is it just me or is Valentine’s Day on steroids this year?  

  • Carrie Bradshaw:

  No, it’s the same, we just played for the other team.

One of the most memorable Valentine’s Day quotes out there! Who didn’t love Sex and the City? 

Valentine’s Day is not a National Holiday and not EVERYONE has to partake in it. Some people love it, some dread it and others are a bit of (shoulder shrug) - ugh, no biggie. 

But this Blog post is all about those that LOVE IT. 💗💗💗💗💗💗

As an adult boutique, Valentine’s Day can be one of our busiest times of the year. So as you can see we LOVE IT and we LOVE to share our gift guides so you see exactly what is on offer! 

We have created a new little mini gift guide for this Valentine’s Day so check it out and if anything tickles your fancy don’t forget that we have 20% OFF EVERYTHING in the store until Midnight on February 14th.

Happy Vibes to you gorgeous and sending some V-Day magic 💘 your way.